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Julien Fortin - PADI TecRec Technical Diving Instructor in India
PADI Course Director / TecRec Trimix Instructor Trainer #CD-309685
IANTD Technical Cave / Advanced Rec. Trimix Instructor #9480
TDI Full Cave / Advanced Trimix Instructor #18512
Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer
Qualified Scubapro and Bauer Technician
Project of Auroville Unit "Rock n' Bubbles", Auroville Foundation

Julien Fortin

Julien is 37 years old, born in France, though he has been living everywhere but in France for the past 18 years - and India is the place he calls home. He has a background in engineering, but figured out that teaching Scuba Diving would be more fun. After having worked in the automotive industry, in IT, in web design, in sustainable development, and doing the odd jobs as driver, kindergarden manager, writer or climbing teacher, he therefore became a PADI instructor.

He's been diving for close to 15 years, and since he enjoys traveling, has been exploring the underwater world in California, Cambodia, Cuba, France, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand... And taught more than 600 courses in the process.

He can teach courses in English, French and German - and guide divers in Spanish, Tamil or Hindi as well. Training professionals, being Divemasters, Assistant Instructors or EFRI instructors, is something he loves, as he enjoys sharing tips and tricks about the job and teaching strategies - but Technical Diving courses is one of his not-so-secret passions, which a special weakness for Sidemount, Cave Diving, Deep and Trimix diving.

Some people hate diving theory - Julien is definitely not one of them, and will know no mercy: after enjoying a full day in the sun carrying gear and exploring the depths in all conditions, he won't mind spending hours teaching you all about the background of diving, until your head spins.

All our instructors are Technical Divers and at least Staff Instructors


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List of Tec Courses available

3 Days
Sidemount Course
Pre-requisites: Open Water
4 Days
Tec Sidemount Course
Pre-requisites: Open Water, 30 logged dives
3 Days
Tec 40 Course
Pre-requisites: AOW, Deep, Nitrox, 30 logged dives
3 Days
Tec 45 Course
Pre-requisites: Rescue + Tec 40, 50 logged dives
3/4 Days
Tec 50 Course
Pre-requisites: Tec 45, 100 logged dives
8 Days
Full Trimix: coming soon!
Pre-requisites: Tec 50, 150 logged dives
8 Days
Tec Advanced Wreck: coming soon!
Pre-requisites: Trimix, 150 logged dives
3 Days
Tec Rescue
Pre-requisites: Tec 45, 100 logged dives
8 Days
Full Face (Integrated) Mask
Pre-requisites: PADI Open Water Diver, 10 logged dives


We love technical diving - and not only do we love doing technical dives, we also love talking about technical diving. This blog contains miscellaneous articles regarding technical dives, tec-diving related events, gear test, discussions about dive theory... You name it!

Oxygen Window: a Triple Shot

1st of March, 2016 - by Julien

The “Oxygen Window” is one of those concepts that are heavily discussed in technical diving, yet often misunderstood. One of the main reasons for this misunderstanding might be that there are several definitions of the Oxygen Window, which are somewhat related, but nevertheless quite different, and focusing on either off-gasing rate, bubble formation risk, or both. This article attempts to summarize and simplify 3 definitions, based on a variety of different sources, especially including the excellent “Deco for Divers”, by Mark Powell, and the very thorough “Gas exchanges, Partial Pressure Gradients and the Oxygen Window”, by Johnny E. Brian.
Under pressure: hot tanks

1st of February, 2016 - by Julien

Warning: geeky article ahead! When calculating the pressure variation in a SCUBA cylinder when the temperature of the cylinder changes, the method given in some text books and old PADI IDC exams (1 ºC = 0.6 bar) provides slightly different results than the calculations derived from the Ideal Gas Law. This article intends to demonstrate how that approximation and the Ideal Gas Law are related, and why the two methods are almost equivalent.
Tec Diving: is Depth an Objective?

1st of November, 2015 - by Julien

Depth is not an objective - it is a circumstance to a given mission: visiting a particular place, exploring a specific wreck or cave, seeing a rare form of marine life, carrying on a certain project. Admittedly, the nuance may be subtle, and the border between a circumstance and a mission blurry at times. If you're taking a TEC course, for instance, performance requirements define a minimum depth for each dive - how is that not a goal, since you don't meet the objective without reaching that depth?
Not becoming a fossil in a cave

15th of October, 2015 - by Julien

Lying in the silt, the fossil of a turtle is greeting me with a foolish grin and empty orbits. When asked what they would like to become whey they grow up, little kids usually answer something along the lines of fireman, doctor, teacher or cosmonaut. In the depth of this Mexican cenote, an underwater cave halfway across the globe from home, I found a new calling: when I grow-up, I want to become a better cave diver - and, if possible, not a dead fossil in a cave. Even a turtle one with a funny smile.


There is no such thing as a stupid question - and we do hear a lot of them on a daily basis. Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Technical Diving services, Technical diving in general, and specific Technical Diving courses: your answer might be there. If not, don't hesitate to contact us!

What is Technical Diving?
I want to do some Tec diving. Tec diving is for everyone, right?
Can you guys come to my place and teach me Tec diving?
I want to organize a Tec Diving expedition. Can you guys help me?
Do you include equipment rental in your courses?
I have a non-PADI certification. Can I take a Tec course with you?
I'm a beginner. Can I dive with you guys?
I want to become a Tec Diving Instructor/Divemaster. Do you offer pro training ?
What is this Sidemount business, and why do I need it?
What is the difference between Sidemount and Tec Sidemount?
Do I need to be sidemount-certified to do a Tec course?
Where is your Advanced Nitrox course?
What is the Tec Deep course? Is it different from Tec 40, 45 and 50?
I'm Deep Certified and can go to 40m. Why do I need a Tec 40 course?
Why is there only 5 m. difference between Tec 40, 45 and 50?
I've heard of a Tec Trimix 65 course - where is it?
Is the max. depth during the Trimix course 75 meters or 90 meters?
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